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Nevenka is a Los Angeles-based women's folk chorus performing music from Eastern Europe. Very much in the Eastern European tradition, Nevenka includes women of all ages making music together.

The group has its roots in the Aman Folk Ensemble. Many of the vocalists sang and danced in AMAN, and a few are daughters of former members. They continue to attract woman singers in the area who love the complex harmonies and compelling rhythms typical in Balkan music.

Musical and artistic director, Trudy Israel, has always had high standards selecting music, demanding accuracy and achieving excellence in musical production. Over the years she has shown the ability to grow and reach for ever-increasing vocal challenges for her ensemble

Nevenka's repertoire includes songs from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, Russia, Greece, and Georgia, as well as Ladino Sephardic and Roma (Gypsy) songs.

The singers in Nevenka include Ronda Berkeley, Ellen Bridle, Anna Cross, Dawn Frinter, Trudy Israel, Jennifer Jurick, Justine Kragen, Emi Macuaga, Jessica Ng, Susie North, Shira O'Keefe, Terri Prizant, Rebecca Stout, Robin Van Zak, Liseli Walan, Molly White and Leslie Yeseta. They will be accompanied by Pat Mac Swyney.


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