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Willy Souly • Aboubacar Kouyate • Gnenomen Soro • Adama Bilorou Dembe • Malik Sow

Willy Souly is a choreographer, dancer, drummer and Taekwondo expert originally from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in West Africa.

His studies of traditional Manding music, dance and storytelling started in early '90s with the very acclaimed artistic ensemble "Le Bourgeon du Burkina," under the artistic direction of writer Theodore Kafando and musical direction of master Griot Amadou Kienou.

He currently lives in Los Angeles and teaches West African dance and drumming to students of all ages. He has been teaching at UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures since 2007 as well as working with youth at LA’s Best After School Program, the Virginia Avenue Project and the Heart Project for at-risk youth.

Willy Souly will be leading a West African Dance Workshop.

Souly Dance Arts consists of his group of musicians and dancers will be performing in the evening concert.