ADAAWE is seven scintillating women, creating an international fusion of African music, R&B/pop vocals, jazz-funk, Latin and Reggae, steeped in Gospel harmonies. It’s said that Adaawe’s musical “kaleidoscope” offers a “high-octane” sensation of “pure joy” ! Adaawe comprises gospel choir direction, modern dance choreography, actors and arts educators, in addition to showcasing with an extensive variety of world-class artists. Based in Los Angeles, CA., these well-skilled musicians originate from Kenya, Morocco, Israel, Panama and across the United States. Today, intercultural understanding and delight in diversity is more exciting than ever. Adaawe’s exhilarating djembe drumming, inevitably, brings audiences to their feet! Their educational school shows captivate the next generation with fun and excitement, offering you “Performance Art” at its best. Experience ADAAWE as a healing force propelled by the language of the drum. In the Adaawe tradition of Ghana, West Africa, women gather in the moonlight to create music and songs about life’s joys and sorrows. This spirit of celebration and strength is the fire igniting Adaawe. Adaawe’s captivating performance is a manifestation of the power of authentic sound to elevate and inspire audiences everywhere, across all boundaries of age and demographics.

Members of ADAAWE will be leading an African Drums Workshop